Wet Paint!

Final Remarks and Farewells:
Wet Paint has closed as of August 1, 2018. Wow... what an exhilarating ride it's been!
We want to start by thanking all of our Wet Paint customers that have painted along with us throughout these past 5 years. We have met the most amazing people and we feel honored and grateful that you have allowed us to take part in all of your special events. Birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday parties, fundraisers, paint your pet events or just friends sharing some quality time together. You even chose us to help celebrate your children's birthday parties and gave us the additional privilege of working with your children at our Summer Art Camp. We've been part of it all!

We want to also thank our friends and family for being so patient and understanding while we worked at our regular jobs during the day these past 5 years while running Wet Paint in the evenings and weekends. 

Finally, we hope that we've inspired some of you to pick up a paint brush and have some fun while following your dreams. 
Thank you so much... we'll miss you.
Lisa, Kristen & John

A Sip and Create Art Studio

Thanks for the memories!